January 30, 2010

Final Clutter

First final cut experiment was on Nidal Kram. This was fun, and successful however we wish in the Canvas section of Final Cut it actually played the video along with the sound. Also cutting of Mariah's video went smoothly.

Take each bit cut from each interview - have them repeat each other using the different voices whether matched with their speaker or images that display misperceptions of the world. Along with an overall 'plot' surrounding these tidbits of information, that we have gathered from the interviews. We are not documentarians, although I have gathered we are artists trying to obviously address that missing link through a medium that ironically portrays the so called 'missing' link - even though it is right under your nose. I want to show the 'missing link' quickly and obviously.

Few changes;
maybe not going to interview Skran and Vetinde (although if the opportunity arises - most definitely will do so)

Also we plan to be a little more artistic in our presentation.

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I am Woman, Hear Me Roar

What Abigail Disney chose to portray through her documentary was something ignored by absolutely everyone, making this film a connector for women all over the world.

She mentioned at the luncheon that her decision to not use a narrator was vital to the project because ' Liberian women have already been spoken for, too many times have they been spoken for'. This aspect of the documentary was not obvious to me when I watched it the first time, however it did make a big impact whether the viewer knew it or not. I imagine the film with a narrator and it could not have been as powerful as to hear Leymah and her friends telling the story themselves. Common Language has played its part in allowing them to communicate their story to the rest of the world.

Abigail Disney is an activist whose mind is set on demolishing weapons and joining all countries in the process of peace. This is good, and she inspired me. She also demonstrated that with new media this is possible, by bringing the story to us and connecting it with all women, in all countries. She mentioned some examples of when she presented it in other countries and how different women from Europe to America had all responded differently. In Europe some women felt it was insulting and some said it was the best thing they'd seen, and they were 80 (or something). She mentioned the different reactions in America and how Americans tended to separate themselves more from this documentary and did not connect or find similarities as did the European women. This reflects onto how most Americans forget we are involved in two wars at the moment and how we separate ourselves from deatha and destruction is unbelievable sometimes.

One cannot, should not, be negative or critical of Disney, she is aware she is a white woman trying to make a film about Africa. And in order to not be cliche she did things differently in the details of this documentary. I am sure none of her story is false, and to not believe the women who work for peace in Liberia again is pessimism at its worst.

In these viewings of a press conference, you see these women elaborate on the documentary.

January 24, 2010

Artineer or Engintist?

Nicolas Bourriaud on Facebook

A secondary root in addition to the primary one seems almost too much to handle, however everyone these days, due to globalization (caused by the communications revolution and therefore technology), has a secondary root, or can now finally acknowledge it.

Nicolas Bourriaud, when he wrote The Radicant, was explaining the direction artists are taking NOW. He discusses the exploration of these invisible pathways and this invisible yet powerful connection we have with each other made possible by a signal, a channeled void, or rather "semes". "Pathways within the cultural landscape", and Semionauts are those "inventors of these pathways, nomadic sign gatherers", aka artists. (39)

Putting altermodern into a visual interpretation is what Les Paul, Buckminster Fuller, and Laurie Anderson started. The first contributions to advancing the human mindset to think what they are, and where they are by "decentering, of setting in motion, of unsticking, of de-crustation", through some kind of art; music, performance, visual, 'finest', or architecture, and new engineered inventions. Engineering in my opinion is the new art, the engineers will be making the money, selling the new ideas, and they will be shaping the new mindsets of youth all around the globe.

Can an Artist be an Engineer? or an Engineer and Artist?
Yes, of course. Sure, why not?

Golden Gate Bridge Example

New words will begin to define these new concepts that try and explain these new ideas, which before all that, will be triggered by the mindset change all humans will undergo. Of course there will be controversies, traditionalists, nationalists, etc. but there will be those who talk and think like Laurie Anderson, and Buckminster Fuller, and those who grow to the kind of popularity like Les Paul who will in some way tackle those who doubt, and these "semionauts" will lead us to the next Age/Era.

The secondary root is the connector between one and all, publicizing whatever, and registering to be a facebook name, Blogger, myspace user, twitterer, or Void Citizen aka 'Net Citizen', is claiming your identity among World Population, U.S. and World. Subjecting yourself to everyone and subjecting everyone to yourself. It is a choice and by opening this door you take a risk but without this risk there can be no understanding of this connection. Understanding is knowledge and knowledge is power. Power to the people.