April 16, 2010

"What We've Got Here is..a Failure to Communicate"

Do not let the conflict between men and women stop you. Let your light shine and do not let the other sex define you. Let you and your gender be there, no need to impress or fear being a woman or a man.

No race should interpret your culture or heritage. No socio-economic forces should determine who YOU are when you strip yourselves of clothes, money, food, and just BE.

Let the women glow like the sun and shift like the crazy wind. Sometimes what one needs to get on is an exasperation, an exhalation, a scream, a yell, a holler. More so an act of powerful force done. Hopefully positively.

Insanity is not as insane as it looks because there is even something more insane, unexplainable, irrational, and unstoppable.

Let her go free.
Let him be simple.

Let them collide and separate.

Let things be - do not force and you will always be free.

Control is not the answer. But love, trust, honesty, understanding, and personal touch is key.