March 23, 2010

Roots Sweet Roots

Although it is the season for potato planting, these are not the roots I am referring to. I am referring to coming home for Spring Break after a long, annoying winter. It did snow, however, which was not very nice but the fish were, and are, still biting. And now that it has melted and my bogs are going crazy I took a lovely 8 mile run/walk around, took the Evening Star route - gorgeous! Might have to do this every other day, because this afternoon my knees are throbbing!

Bourriaud commented on how modernism is a return to your routes..oh I mean roots, and how altermodernism is the picking up of those roots and planting them somewhere elsewhere, while having the option of continual connection to the original root. Well, as I am applying for jobs and connecting to all of these networking improvements, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, I question whether I want a job here, in Kansas, or there, wherever there is. I would take anywhere, in fact I'd prefer it, being so young and all, but getting there would hopefully be paid for.

But if I would get a job in my hometown, where I would love to eventually settle, I would have numerous set connections and I would no longer be a stranger (having gone to a high school and elementary school out of town and all I really have 'displaced roots')

Another question is whether I even have the original roots at all or are they loosely placed and ready to fly away? Adventures always seem a logical solution to this dilemma, but how much credibility to they actually have in the job market? Probably none, dealing with people and not escaping them is an asset one needs to build on. Creating roots seems to be another solution that may be harder, but perhaps more beneficial. Wherever these roots are created, Wisconsin, Texas, Kansas, abroad...I plan to always keep them planted because if you burn one of those bridges sometimes you end up not being able to go back.

One week isn't enough to build a root system, but can be a good start. So I guess we should go plant those potatoes.