March 4, 2011

What to do. What to do.

So far,.....I <3 the bizarre fashion, the ridiculous obsessions, and the absolutely incognito facial expressions. Korean is easy - it just takes time for a foreigner like me.
See anything familiar? ~

South Korea is known for its nationalism and pride. Don't ever offend a Korean by having an opinion opposite that of Korean culture without being ready to put up with an irrational reason for why their food, their women, and maybe even their soccer players are better (although I think I am ready for that argument).

The LOVE <3 around here is... not contagious, but rather obsessed over. "Couples Korea", everyone seems to have a significant other especially anyone who is remotely good-looking. Forget about independence. People rarely do things alone - however I have to run alone, there is no one within 500kilometers of me that will run (who is my age, and not some creepys old guy).

Seoul's Fashion Week, featuring a designer I found to like, ChoiBoko, was this week. Of course when I was doing the research for it all I could find were walking male models, which for me is a huge turnOFF because it is a bunch of guys prancing around in very awkward looking, feminine outfits. It isn't what you expect which makes Seoul fashion very good for fashion internationally. A lot of things I liked, but still it is almost surreal, that these people are in the same town I am in and there are hundreds of these people walking around like this everyday (not like runway but fashion). No wonder Koreans are so very aware of their appearance. Image is everything here - good thing I am importing my Kansas jean jacket which will be my license plate and excuse for not keeping up with the Korean Times. :-P

Work has kept me busy most of the time. 나 는 한 국 을 공 부 에 요. Since my keyboard does not have Hangeul on it this takes forever, so I will occasionally write it.

Weekends are open. I discovered hiking, an old people's sport, nonetheless still a beautiful mountain with a beautiful view and the most delicious cappuccino on the way down~ Want to meet people, this has proved the most difficult, but I guess good things just take time.
What to do. So far internet without Hangeul in Korea is hopeless all the more reason to improve the fluency.

And play da Kpop - which always cheers anybody up :-D