February 25, 2010

Dreams, Drywall, Slime Mold, and Stephan Anunson

What inspires people tends to be some of the most ridiculous things at first but once explained and applied they become the most fitting for that particular person, project, or event.

The kind of intellectual humor that dreams, drywall, and especially slime mold and Stephan Anunson have, when applied to new media sources it takes a certain amount of effort to control the humor when attempting to present the piece of work in which they are included.

Of course maybe what inspires people is not necessarily the subject they are presenting but the people, artists, fungi (not fungi?) that drive semes to explore these particular mediums, characters, and hallucinations or oneirology.

Who knew?

February 21, 2010

Speak Media?

Maybe not as good, but we are attempting to incorporate a video of non-Africans doing African dancing. This will incorporate the music we intended in the best way that catches the message and beat of our project.

Also hopefully a non-African speaking a native tongue of Ghana; Twi

Introduction = first impressions and expectations, short a choppy, maybe some leeway time at the end of some snippets.
Transition slides saying "On Africa" , "On America", "Perceptions" and "Reflections"

Body = perceptions, reflections, clips from Michael Jackson (either music or music video; Scream) ; still keeping with a short choppy clear and understandable message about the media in Africa and America

Video Perfection = Volume, transitioning, matching music to video, or audio to an embedded video, color content maybe can change (labels on the shirts and stuff in the background)

End = African dancing

Da Vinci of Bats; Jodi Sedlock - Bio Prof.-

Becoming passionate about something in a completely different field by using what you already love in your chosen field helps those "non-art" fields see new, creative, and different solutions to problems that they otherwise would not have found. Combining art and biology together, as Jodi Sedlock did, allows art to grow in different fields. Government, Science, and Economics are all places where art is flourishing but maybe it is not recognized as art because it is not in a big museum with white walls all around it, or up for sale within the high art community. However this 'academic art' is focused, purposeful, fulfilling aesthetically and scientifically, and can help the fields where it seems to focus the researchers, or the scientists.

Fruit Bat Video

This video shows some artistic documenting through the video medium. Sedlock mentioned she is going to take a student back to the Philippines with her who is a film studies major and plans to do a documentary.
~maybe they can come up with something better?

Combining fields of study into a major research project, whether in the political sciences or natural sciences, can both be explained to the public through video, photography, or literary media. Art is a tool for communicating the academic topics assisted by other artistic, and creative values. Catching bats, interviewing journalists, studying anatomy, the front page story, or acting out a play for HIV awareness and teen pregnancy. All art forms catch the world's attention and expand it to be something that becomes top priority. Thanks to the art world we can see and hear overseas, we can understand how a bird flies, measure the way the body works, and listen to what nature has to say. Da Vinci was a scientific artist whose work was influenced by the other world, so he also demonstrates how influences may work both ways.